"I can not even come close to expressing the care they have taken in both my hair and in my self image.  Thank you."


"Claire Davis, (their brow artist) is the BEST! Check her out, you will not be disappointed."


"A totally unassuming salon. Everyone that works here is very down-to-earth,  easy going and they get the job done well. They've got a great staff who are expertly trained and uber-creative with their work. I swear, there's something for every age/gender/style. Prices are reasonable, and you'll walk out feeling like a whole new wo/man. I've been going for about 6 months now, and I'm impressed each time I leave!"


"Now that some months have passed, I can see even more how valuable the photo series is to Andrew's career. While Andrew is a brilliant musician and composer, in this age of websites and Facebook, it is the visual appeal that makes potential clients look (and listen!) further! I would urge anyone thinking of adding personal appeal to their website to have Robert and Amanda do a series of photos. You brought out the very best!"